#RIDETHEREVOLUTION with 100% Aatmanirbhar Bharat scooter

Witness a groundbreaking moment as NDS Eco Motors makes a grand comeback to reclaim our initial triumph.

Our Vision

EV Scooters

At NDS Eco Motors, we aspire to lead the way towards a transformative future of transportation, where electric vehicles are a true replica of all petrol vehicles. We envision a world where sustainable mobility becomes the norm, driving us toward a cleaner, greener, and more prosperous tomorrow.

Our Values

Shaping for a Sustainable Tomorrow

We stand firm on the foundation of honesty and transparency. Every promise we make is a pledge to be honored with utmost dedication. Fueled by a culture of boundless innovation and enhancement, we tackle today's challenges head-on while constantly asking "what's next".
In our pursuit of a brighter future, we remain steadfast in delivering outstanding customer experience and purposeful solutions. As a collective force, we hold ourselves accountable not only to one another but also to the global community, with an ardent resolve to contribute to a better and greener world

Chairman's Message

Bringing with me more than three decades of experience in Operation Excellence, Technology Innovation and  Commercialization in the field of automotive industry and serving as CEO at IFB Automotive, had an opportunity to work with global automobile giants including Tesla. I decided to get into the EV market to initially rewrite the concept and gain back the trust of electric vehicles in India. Always having a keen interest on the green technology aiming for an eco-friendly environment for the future generations, thus I wanted to create a biggest opportunity for the next couple of decades as the future looks promising and as it is not just a trade-off. And thus started the organisation with long term goals.

We had a pretty good start, tested our initial models, understood the market needs &requirements, and now ready with our 100% Made In India products, to capture the roads ofIndia ensuring they align with what the customers are looking for. Our dedication towards quality and innovation has allowed us to pass all the relevant Type Approvals at ARAI for CMVR and FAME Eligibility. The central and state governments also driving hard for electric mobility and as we continue to innovate and improve our electric two-wheelers, we are committed to delivering products that exceed your expectations. Hope to receive even greater collaboration and continued support from the government and people of India.
Mr. M H Reddy

Our Milestone

From the moment we embarked on this electric journey, our vision was clear – to redefine urban mobility with sustainable solutions. Since our inception in 2015, we have achieved remarkable milestones that highlight our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence.
March 2016

Building The Base

Became a proud member of the SMEV and ASSOCHAM and set up our first manufacturing plant in Bangalore with a 12-stage in-house semi-automated conveyor line with online inspection. Our initial efforts bore fruit as we set out a benchmark with India’s first ARAI-certified EV Scooter, ALFA. NDS innovated further with "LIO" and "LIO+" versions, featuring advanced Li-ion batteries, obtaining ARAI homologations, and FAME 1 eligibility.
August 2018

Expansion into New Markets

Unveiled LIO with exclusive branded showrooms across 5 states and in the span of just nine months, we achieved our first breakthrough with a significant surge in sales. Building upon this success, we commenced in-house R&D for the next-gen scooter with a strong "MAKE IN INDIA" focus. And in the year 2019, a proud milestone was reached as we clinched our first award, "Electric Scooter of the Year: NDS LIO."
February 2022

Innovation for tomorrow

We subsequently rolled out two models and three variants each, and took a momentous leap toward realising the vision of “Atmanirbhar Bharat”. These achievements were met with industry recognition with accolades such as  "Smart Technology Innovation of the Year: Smart ECU(FOC)" in 2021 and "Technology Excellence of the Year: Design &Modelling(2W)" in 2022

Our Team

Mr. M H Reddy
Founder & Chairman
M Natish Reddy
Joint Managing Director
M Deepika Reddy

Our Logo

The NDS ECO MOTORS logo embodies the unwavering resilience of a Phoenix, the commanding strength of a bull, and the invigorating swiftness of a cheetah. Each element intricately entwined within the logo represents the unique facets that define our brand’s essence.